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Fulfilling a Dream

Why did I create this? Truth is, simply because I was inspired by Neri Miranda. šŸ™‚ I follow her in instagram and I realized that she is fulfilling my dreams.

I have always wanted to be a blogger. I want to share my thoughts to everyone, my journey and how I see life in general. She is.

My dream business is not specific. All I wanted to do is provide jobs to single moms, or to those people who are not qualified to have a corporate career because of their educational background. It’s more of a good work than a business though. She has couple of it.

And I want to be a housewife. But not anytime soon though. Once I am financially capable of being one. I would love to stay at home with my kids (future kids), prepare their breakfast and their baon, play with them and read bedtime stories, prepare dinner for my husband when he gets home from work, do the chores and run my own small business from home.She is now.

She is an inspiration but this is my dream. She is just a living example that we can do what we want if we work hard for it. She kept her foot on the ground. She does not spend too much to be happy. She makes things possible. And I can do it too.

Yes, I want an ideal life. And I will keep on dreaming. I never wanted a complicated one, I want it simple and happy. So I am starting this blog. To keep myself posted. To keep myself reminded. On which road to take. On which path to choose. And I will keep track. I will continue to learn from my day to day journey. And I will keep this as a reminder that I can be anything I wanted to be. I am now a blogger. I can now share my thoughts. This is jhoiFulLife.


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